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Live now: International order as a hall of broken mirrors

RT @EU_Partnerships: Discover the 2023 #NataliPrize themes! The Prize is back to support and inspire a new generation of journalists. Do…

World leaders come together with urgent steps in a testament to #vaccine equality, including #KAPTalks alumn… https://t.co/MwVBapDLYy

Thank you to Ivan Krastev for an in-depth #KAPTalks about the state of international order from identity politics -… https://t.co/YzgSXOULud

Shout out to #KAPTalks alumn @MathaiWanjira for her leadership on #climatechange! https://t.co/62TxlD6Oqy https://t.co/HRA2nlIAms

Happy International Women's Day! A formidable list here, especially shout out to #KAPTalks alumns economist Esther… https://t.co/crKSfvEWaY

RT @KGeorgieva: Digital equity is not just a moral imperative but also an economic one. Embracing equity can unlock the untapped potential…

"Kapuscinski made you understand what was going on in places you've never been in your life. This kind of different… https://t.co/wxH7bB85Gn

Global south is a very nice metaphor...but they're VERY different countries. People believe b/c there's big data, w… https://t.co/8qydEyJ2Hf

"Now there is not much connection between your trading partner and your security partner... where does your geopoli… https://t.co/nvXxsPjoFq

What is coming up at the end of the cold war is not the end of history….it’s the rise of something else - the riots… https://t.co/6fH940VecT

Identity politics -once the war started, you are no longer post-Soviet. You are Russian or Ukraine. Same happened i… https://t.co/8VlRGi0Z8K

#Kapuscinksi wrote his last book about imperialism -he chose to go to the Soviet Union. This book different from ot… https://t.co/8cpydE36Rj

"Putin didn’t only break the rules of the game, he tossed the board to the floor." - Ivan Krastev #KAPTalks Join u… https://t.co/sfkgRYlRDb

Navigating international politics today makes it necessary to re-conceptualize the complex link between domestic an… https://t.co/4zfO8AglE0

We're live in 5! Tune in and ask your questions via #KAPTalks https://t.co/tE6cUX4kiH

RT @UNDPUkraine: When people survive attacks in war, they are often left with deep scars unseen. A new info campaign from 🇺🇳@UNDP and the…

Today: Join us live online for #KAPTalks w/ Ivan Krastev & ask him your Q's via #KAPTalks. ⏰ 16:00 CET… https://t.co/l1p7gXT3n6

We're excited to welcome Ivan Krastev to #KAPTalks this week! Tune in Tues as he explores the need to re-conceptual… https://t.co/lxIRcBcmep

Upcoming #KAPTalks speaker Ivan Krastev recently co-authored a review of 1 year of war in Ukraine Tune in tomorrow… https://t.co/xeJTO2242d

Navigating intl politics today makes it necessary to re-conceptualize the complex link between domestic & foreign p… https://t.co/xPEYJvvElV


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Kapuscinski development lectures

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The Kapuscinski Development Lecture series, named for Ryszard Kapuscinski, a Polish journalist and writer who covered developing countries, is organized jointly by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and partner universities and development think tanks. Since 2009, over 40,000 participants – live and online – have attended over 130 lectures.

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