Nesmy Manigat

Education: fundamental to a country’s future

Former education ministers of Haiti and Ireland – Nesmy Manigat and Ruairi Quinn discuss education and employability, and how these are fundamental to all aspects of a country’s development in this #KAPTalks.

Tuesday 31.05.2016

„The next century is already being built daily in today’s classrooms. However, it becomes more and more obvious that family, government, the media and civil society must be included in the transmission of cultural heritage and key values. To address current and future challenges to peace, prosperity, public health, environment, etc., especially in developing countries, educational systems can no longer be enclosed in traditional schooling patterns. The learning environment has to go beyond the classroom and must mobilize key actors from other sectors. We have to gradually take down the classroom walls. This will require the reengineering of curricula, of learning, financing, etc.” – said Nesmy Manigat, former education minister of Haiti ahead of his lecture.

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Nesmy Manigat is the former Minister of National Education and Professional Training in Haiti. He currently holds a position of the Chair of the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance Committee of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance Committee provides oversight of GPE's Conflict of Interest Policy and risk management framework, and advises the Board on ensuring GPE resources are managed efficiently, effectively and consistent with the Global Partnership’s mission, goals, objectives and policies.

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