Henry Shue

Climate Justice: illusion of separation

Prof. Henry Shue of Oxford University and advisor to the Mary Robinson Foundation speaks on climate justice asking, „am I responsible”?

Thursday 04.12.2014

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Henry Shue is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Studies of the Department of Politics and International Relations of the University of Oxford. Best known for his 1980 book, Basic Rights: Subsistence, Affluence, and U.S. Foreign Policy (Princeton; 2nd ed., 1996) and his articles, “Torture” (1978) and “Mediating Duties” (1988), he has taught at the University of North Carolina, Wellesley College, University of Maryland, Cornell University, and Oxford. After initial research on human rights, especially economic rights, he has during recent decades concentrated on practical philosophy concerning war, on which he edited Nuclear Deterrence and Moral Constraint (Cambridge 1989), Preemption (Oxford 2007), Just and Unjust Warriors (Oxford 2008), and The American Way of Bombing (Cornell, 2014), and concerning climate change, represented by the essays from 1992 – 2013 collected in Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection (Oxford 2014) and several current and forthcoming essays. Retired from teaching, he continues to write and speak on international and intergenerational issues inherent in attempts to control climate change. He is a member of the High Level Advisory Committee for the Climate Justice Dialogue initiated by the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice and the World Resources Institute.

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