When: 20th December 2019 at 18:00 TRT / 16:00 CET

Where: Boğaziçi University (Alfred Long Hall) in partnership with the Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul

You can join the lecture by:

  • coming to the event in Istanbul (registration required, click here)
  • following livestreaming from the event at kapuscinskilectures.eu
  • asking your questions to prof. Acemoglu via Twitter using #KAPTalks hashtag

Liberty is hardly the natural order of things. In most places and at most times, the strong have dominated the weak and human freedom has been quashed by force or by customs and norms. Either states have been too weak to protect individuals from these threats, or states have been too strong for people to protect themselves from despotism. Liberty emerges only when a delicate and precarious balance is struck between state and society, and when this opens and narrow corridor to liberty which states are induced to provide the services society demands and people are organized to control and cut to size their politicians and leaders. There is a Western myth that political liberty is a durable construct, arrived at by a process of enlightenment and protected by well-designed constitutions. This talk will explain why protecting liberty is much harder, how institutions bolstering liberty evolve, why society’s involvement and rebellion is critical, how institutions can be molded to protect liberty, and why we are going through a period of danger for liberty.

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