Aminata Cairo

Holding Space for the richness of our stories

Join #KAPTalks lecturer Aminata Cairo, anthropologist and education expert on challenging inequalities through validation of all stories. Register here

Monday 19.06.2023

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Development is about the validation of the wealth of stories that we have in our communities. Unfortunately, some of our stories have been deemed more valuable than others and we have long-lasting deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that reinforce those created inequalities. How do we hold space and start appreciating the richness and complexities of our stories? What does it require? What does it require from us as interdependent individuals? What can we do as a collective to create spaces where all stories are valid. 

The event is hosted by Symbiosis Centre for European Studies, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune, India.

When: 19th June 2023 at 12:00 IST (Pune) / 8:30 CET 

Where: Symbiosis University, Meeting Room No. 9, Sandipani Leadership Development Center, Symbiosis International University, Hill Top Campus, Gram Lavale, Pune 412115

You can join the lecture by:

  • coming to the event 
  • coming to the online event on Zoomregister here
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  • asking your questions to Aminata Cairo via Zoom or Twitter using #KAPTalks hashtag

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Born and raised in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents, she left for the US to pursue her college education. She obtained a dual Bachelor in Psychology and Physical Education, Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Medical Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology. Her passion is to use her academic skills to positively impact communities. She has done extensive community work in the Netherlands, U.S., Suriname, and Ghana.

She founded her own multi-cultural dance company Sabi Diri, so be it in Kentucky, with which she performed throughout the United States and as far as Suriname. As a university professor she committed herself to upholding her students and promoting their sense of commitment and responsibility to the larger community. She brought students to Suriname and Ghana for which she received the International Education Faculty Achievement Award in 2013. She is the only scholar to have written about traditional Afro-Surinamese dance and received a Fulbright Fellowship in 2015 to further pursue this research.

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