Simon Ruda

Can behavioural science improve public policy?

We’ve spent over 4 trillion USD on development assistance since 1960. Can we improve effectiveness of aid? What innovative and inexpensive solutions could bring better development results? Could behavioural science improve public policies?

Thursday 13.11.2014

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Simon is Principal Advisor and Head of Home Affairs, Security and International Development in the Behavioural Insights Team – a social company purpose company that is part owned by the British Government. Simon joined the Behavioural Insights Team when it was part of 10 Downing Street – the office of the UK Prime Minister. He has worked on applying behavioural insights to public policy with numerous organisations, including Government departments in the United Kingdom and overseas governments, police forces and the British Army, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank. He has managed projects to test the impact of behavioural insights in public policy in different countries in Europe and Latin America.
Simon Ruda

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